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Facial Aesthetics Overview

Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery in Lanarkshire

Smilescene offer the latest in wrinkle relaxation and facial rejuvenation techniques to complement your smile. Our preferred and recommended product is Azzulure for anti wrinkle treatments. We provide a free consultation to gain an understanding of your requirements whilst assessing the suitability of your skin for facial treatments.

Age is an unstoppable process and as the years pass by the appearance and characteristics of our skin change. Age, hormones, sun exposure, lifestyle and smoking all have their part to play in causing fine lines and wrinkles.

As we age the hyaluronic acid (HA) content of our skin, which is important for water retention, decreases causing our skin to feel more fragile and its elastic properties to diminish. The oil-producing glands become less active and our skin becomes drier with age.

There are two major components of facial ageing:

Dynamic lines: caused by muscular hyperactivity. For example ‘laughter lines

Static lines: which are due to volume loss, for example ‘crow’s feet’

Smilescene offer the latest in line & wrinkle treatments to remove or diminish the appearance of these lines helping you to turn back time, rejuvenate your appearance, and regain your youthful looks.