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Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

Cosmetic Dentistry in Lanarkshire

Cosmetic dental treatment aims to preserve the form and functionality, and improve the aesthetics of your teeth.

Our affordable cosmetic options can straighten, lighten, reshape and restore your teeth to help you achieve a naturally pleasing smile.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is a discreet braces system with choices of either a fixed or removable brace that has been developed to work specifically on the front six or eight teeth.

QST is not designed to correct major orthodontic problems, but works very well for correcting minor to moderate issues.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Lanarkshire

Benefits of the Quick Straight Teeth System Include:

  •  Price: The price of our treatments is generally lower for the patients
  •  Appearance: Clear braces appliances and fixed braces are almost invisible.
  •  Speed: Average treatment time of 4 to 24 weeks
  •  Comfort: Rigorously tested to ensure maximum wearability and comfort.
We are able to offer the very competitive price of £1500 for a single arch or £2600 for both upper and lower arches. Please feel free to contact our Blantyre practice to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr Kevin Clark.