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Preventative Dental Care in Lanarkshire

We at Smilescene believe that the provision of preventative care is an essential aspect of your children’s dental development and, as such, our practices are committed to the Childsmile programme.

This is an initiative that has been set up to improve the dental health of children in Scotland. As well as attending regular dental examinations from 6 months of age your children (<6 years) are encouraged to participate in additional Childsmile sessions.

Childsmile sessions are delivered by our specially trained Childsmile nurses. The sessions are designed to be relaxed and enjoyable so that your children feel comfortable throughout.

The programme of care is tailored to meet the oral health requirements of your children. This includes:

  •     Teething and tooth brushing instruction
  •     Oral health and dietary advice
  •     Provision of free dental packs
  •     Fluoride application from 2 years of age

Please contact your practice for further information