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Dental Examinations

NHS Dentists in Glasgow

Regular dental examinations (check-ups) are essential in maintaining good oral health. As such, we recommend that our patients see their dentist every 6 months for routine care.

During this consultation your dentist will be able to identify your treatment needs. Leaving problems untreated could make it more difficult for them to be treated in the future, so it is best to deal with the problem early or, if possible, prevent them altogether.

At you check-up we will:

  •     Ask about your general health, update your medical history, and enquire about any problems you’ve had with your teeth, gums or mouth since your last visit.
  •     Ask about, and give advice on, your diet, tobacco and alcohol use, and tooth brushing habits.
  •     Examine your teeth, gums and mouth.
  •     Discuss with you a date for your next visit.

If treatment is required your dentist may arrange further appointments for this to be carried out.